RoseGold and OGKush The Alien release first studio EP - Blue Haired Girl

RoseGold Announces New Debut EP:  Blue  Haired Girl 

Queensbury, New York: January 27, 2021: Today, RoseGold and Goode Carma Music announced the release of RoseGold’s debut EP “Blue Haired Girl”.  RoseGold, known for her Indie/Pop vibe, has gained local popularity for her soulful sound and diverse song list. She collaborated with New York based music producer, musician and songwriter, OGKush The Alien in September of 2020 amidst the worldwide pandemic in order to put a modern sound around her eclectic lyrics. 

“Blue Haired Girl” consists of eight original RoseGold songs including; The Show is about to Begin, I Will Fight, Poison Head, Grey Area, Please Stay, Finding Future, I Will Fight Again (Remix), and Love Letter.  All songs were recorded at OGKush The Alien’s recording studio in New York and are backed by an original OGKush beat, which incorporates some of today’s most popular and modern beat styles.   RoseGold’s voice has been compared to multi-Grammy winning artist, Billie Eilish, with a unique twist of Lana Del Rey and Elle King. 

RoseGold, a 14 year old Queensbury, NY resident, began singing at the age of four, first performing for family and nursing homes.  She developed her passion for music through various school programs, coffee shop performances, and private lessons which helped broaden her skillset vocally and instrumentally.  Prior to entering middle school, RoseGold began composing her own songs. “I started writing music because it helped me express the sadness and anxiety I feel at times.” says the young songwriter, “As I’ve grown and accepted myself as an artist, I find myself being inspired by writing about people close to me. My song “I Will Fight” was written from personal experience but I also wrote it to comfort a close relative. Originally, it was meant for me and a family member, but the more I perform it, the more it becomes someone else’s song – which is why I love song writing.  My goal is to create music and write lyrics that inspire people or help them cope.” 

OGKush The Alien, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, has written, composed, and produced for numerous genres of music and has performed throughout the United States, Canada and internationally including Europe, the Caribbean and Russia. OGKush specializes in working with, managing, and developing young new artists and is currently producing for several Hip Hop, Pop, Americana, Indie and Reggae artists.  “Blue Haired Girl” is OGKush’s 10th studio album collaboration.  OG is also President and CEO of Goode Carma Music, a full service music production company. 

“Blue Haired Girl” is available in over 65 countries and found on most music streaming sites, including Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Sonos, Deezer & iTunes. 

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